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I Quit Sugar, how to stop sugar addiction

Stop sugar addiction with I Quit Sugar

Learn how to beat sugar cravings and stop sugar addiction today! At last! For anybody who has ever needed to learn how to stop sugar addiction, Sarah Wilson has written an ebook called I quit sugar: a simple 8-week program. This easy to follow manual is a step by step program, written from the heart […]

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Stop sugar cravings

How to stop sugar cravings and sugar addiction

A woman traveled a great distance to bring her son to Gandhi and said “Please Bapu, tell my child not to eat sugar”. Gandhi asked the woman to leave and come back in thirty days. She agreed returning in 30 days with her son. “We are back Bapu” she said, “please tell my son not […]

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The I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook and IQS Chocolate Cookbook bundle!

Have you been worrying about how you are going to cope with Christmas now that you have quit sugar? Well worry no more; Sarah Wilson has triumphed with her newly updated I Quit Sugar Christmas book, containing more than 70 delicious sugar-free, easy to follow Christmas recipes. Planning your fructose free Christmas festivities Christmas can […]

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sugar addiction dulls your brain

How sugar addiction affects your brain!

For those of us who have struggled with sugar cravings and sugar addiction, we know only too well the physical and psychological side effects which include foggy thinking, poor memory, depression and mood swings. Today’s post takes a closer look at how sugar addiction really affects your brain. Is there a sugar addiction epidemic? According […]

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Time to start a sugar free diet

Should we really be on a sugar free diet?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you would have been hearing a lot about how our addiction to sugar is affecting our health and that we need to be on a sugar free diet. Our sugar addiction is causing an obesity epidemic, with the resulting problem of […]

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Chocoholic - I love chocloate

Coping with Easter for the chocoholic

I was not going to do an Easter post geared towards help for the chocoholic. As a reformed chocoholic myself who managed to quit sugar some time ago – but not give it up entirely – Easter no longer holds any fear for me. So when I received a comment from one of my readers […]

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Do we need to quit fruit to quit sugar?

Do we need to stop eating fruit to quit sugar?

Trying to quit sugar is as difficult as trying to give up smoking, as those of us who have tried to stop sugar addiction will know! We love sugar because it gives us instant comfort and pleasure. It was used when we were kids to reward us or cheer us up, so what can be […]

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High fructose corn syrup is made from corn

High fructose corn syrup, why all calories are not created equal

High fructose corn syrup could be the “missing link” that I have felt has been missing from the diet puzzle for many years and I was very excited when I came across this information. I have thought for a long time, that if it is as simple as calories in vs calories out, why is […]

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The hypothalamus and tired after eating

Why you feel tired after eating and what you can do about it

Why you feel tired after eating was originally a short post written for the “Bites” section, but it has been such a popular post, that I decided to re-vamp it by making it into a full length post. I have added some extra information to help you to fully understand why we sometimes feel tired […]

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